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Textures and Finish Types for Wood


They set an emotional state, and they're the vehicle of color. When you see something with a texture you like, it pulls your eye towards it. We offer many fine finish types at BOSSWoodworks which bring out your character and draw your eye, such as:

Saw Cut Texture

Saw Cut Texture Wood Finishing Technique

When you need wood that's industrial and rugged, look no further than a Saw Cut Finish. Give that piece a heavy visual feeling.

Weathered Finishing

Weathering Wood Finishing Technique

Sometimes new wood doesn't seem appropriate. Sometimes, you can't find old wood. Distinguished and grain heavy, this finish won't disappoint.

French Polishing

French Polishing Wood Finishing Technique

French Polishing is the technique used when when you desire a glass-like or mirror finish. This process is best for main-display items like tables.

Inlaying Wood

Inlay Wood Finishing Technique

Inlaying is the careful art of placing one material flush inside another. BOSSWoodworks is your Inlay Specialist!

Skip Plane Texture

Skip Plane Texture Wood Finishing Technique

When wood is initially milled, it's left in a very rough state. This look can be very desirable in any rustic or distressed style setting.

Design Process

The Design Process

Our Design Process starts with you- what could be more important than getting exactly what you want?

Colorant Techniques for Finishing

Our Color Techniques

What better way to customize wood than to make your own color? Our many color options will create a finished product just the right tone!

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Contact Us

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