Saw Cut Finish

Showing the Distinct Side of Wood

Saw Cut Finish Type for Wood

Saw Cut as a Finishing Technique

When you need wood that's industrial and rugged, look no further than a Saw Cut Finish. When milled at the lumber yard, the wood is first passed through a large saw that cuts it down to beams. This initial process is where we get our inspiration.

By pausing during different parts of the cutting process, we can enhance the amount of circular marks left by the saw (our process is such that, normally, we work hard NOT to leave these marks). The circular marks make the wood look unfinished. Whether applying stain or paint, the marks create geometric texture patterns that give the piece a heavy visual feeling.

BOSSWoodworks will be glad to leave the saw cut marks on your piece at no extra charge.

Design Process

The Design Process

Our Design Process starts with you- what could be more important than getting exactly what you want?

Colorant Techniques for Finishing

Our Color Techniques

What better way to customize wood than to make your own color? Our many color options will create a finished product just the right tone!

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Contact Us

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