Staining Finish

Modifying the Depth of Wood

Stain Finish Type for Wood

Staining as a Finishing Technique

Ah yes, of the most versatile, most requested, and most wood-complementing finishes available. It allows you to select the grain type of wood you like, and then change the color to suit your decorating style. Espresso? Check. White? Check. Green and Pink? Check.

We start by sanding the the wood to a smooth texture. We then condition the wood to accept the stain. Then, in the eternal words of Mr. Miyagi, "Wax on, Wax Off" (or in our circumstance "wipe"). Stain is a finish best built up, so multiple passes are always required to achieve the deepest and richest color tones.

BOSSWoodworks Proudly Uses Old Masters for ALL of Our Stain, Conditioner, and Paints:

Old Masters Stain Gallery Link

BOSSWoodworks uses a minimum of three passes of stain and two passes of clear coat to give you the best "standard" finish possible. More coats is always better, so we recommend a minimum of five stain passes and three clear coat passes.

Design Process

The Design Process

Our Design Process starts with you- what could be more important than getting exactly what you want?

Texturing Techniques for Finishing

Our Texture Techniques

What better way to customize wood than to give it a texture you call your own? Our many texture options will create a finished product just the feeling!

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Contact Us

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