Who We Are

Perfectionist. Detailed. Consummate. Custom.

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All About BOSSWoodworks

Who We Are

Born in Austin, Texas in 2006, BOSSWoodworks has been creating unique custom woodworks, custom furniture, and custom signage for all types of projects and customers. We are founded on the belief that your decorations, furnishings, and other interior items should be a reflection of your specific tastes and style. BOSSWoodworks strives to create unique, personalized service and to craft items you LOVE that help illustrate who you are as a person.

What We're Doing

Creating unique items for people with a desire for something better than what's "laying around." Clients that understand exactly what they want in custom furniture, custom signage, and custom woodworks, down to the finest detail. People looking for personalized items that fit their exact niche.

How We're Doing It

By constantly reviewing new and old techniques, we stay in touch with all different forms of woodworking (as well as creating some of our own). We develop relationships with other craftsmen in order to seek out the uniqueness of their works, and share with them our knowledge. We attend woodworking events to keep in touch with the latest technologies available.

Why We're Doing It

Driven by a desire to do for others, BOSSWoodworks runs day to day operations with an emphasis on personal. Personal woodworking, personal management, personal attention. We operate a custom woodworking company and strive to create custom relationships with all the people we encounter.

Design Process

Our Design Process starts with you- what could be more important than getting exactly what you want?

Finish Types

Our finish types will accomodate any design style you may need to match, or to create a stand alone piece perfectly fit to you!

Contact Us

Send us an email with any ideas you may have. Our consultations are always free. Drop us a line and find out just how close you are to the item of your dreams!