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Who are you?

It's important that a custom woodwork or custom furniture piece reflect the clients needs and wants. At BOSSWoodworks, we pride ourselves on spending as much time with you as we do on the build. We want to know who you are, what makes you tick, what inspires you. Where you're from, why you're here, and where you're going. These things must be reflected in the custom furniture or custom woodwork piece to call it truly yours.

You are YOU, unique amongst all other people. Your home furnishings should be as unique as you are. You're in Austin, Texas because it fits you. It's your speed. It has the things you like. Are you here for the technology? The social and night life? The abundant music? Whatever the reason, we consider this a fundamental part of your design, and strive to include it in our custom furniture, custom woodwork, and custom signage.


Are you Relaxed? Energetic? What are your personal goals and ambitions? The custom pieces you have should fit your lifestyle directly and enhance your daily activities.

Textures, Colors, and the Emotional Outcome

Textures and Colors work with each other to create an interesting piece. In commissioning a custom woodworking piece, you have total control over the texture and color of your custom furnishing.

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Textures AROUSE You

They set an emotional state, and they're the vehicle of color. When you see something with a texture you like, it pulls your eye towards it. We offer many fine Textures and Colors at BOSSWoodworks to bring out your character and draw your eye.

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They close the deal, creating an overall attraction to your eye and creating desire. Are you a person who likes a lot of different colors? Do you like high or low contrast? You shouldn't be restricted by "what's in the store." Custom furniture, custom woodwork, and custom signage should reflect your color and contrast preference. The possibilities are endless with different wood types and finish options.

Textures and Colors

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