Construction Process

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Where It All Begins


Picking out the Quality Material necessary to complete your project is no ordinary task. Based on your design preferences, we head out and dig through stacks of lumber to find the necessary amount of material that suits your project. After hand selecting your lumber, we proceed to begin Milling.


All projects have structure, so we begin by creating the structure for your project. Cabinet Bodies, Table Frame Assemblies, and many other structural components are created first. After cutting all necessary pieces for your project, we begin to apply textures and finishes.

Texturing and Coloring

Before beginning texturing and coloring, we're certain to provide you with a sample of the actual material we've purchased with the texture, color, or both. You have the opportunity to touch and see the final product before we move on. If a course correction is necessary, we can change the plan without wasting time and material.

After completing all of the necessary approvals of texture and color, we move on to the finishing of all items. As multiple coats are usually necessary, this process is the hurry-and-wait portion of your project.

Final Assembly

At this point we put all of our hard work together in one package to create delivery-ready products for your residence. We schedule and appropriate date and time to perform your installation, and package everything appropriately to move.


Great Care is taken while performing our installation in your residence. Cleanly, Efficiently, and as Quietly As Possible, we make your project ready for your use as Quickly as possible.


Upon completion of your Installation, we show you around your new product. Much like a new car, we want you to test drive it, run your hands over it, feel the wind in your hair. Then we run through care instructions, so you know just how easy it is to take care of your



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