Painting Finish

Sealing the Essence of Wood

Painting Finish Type for Wood

Painting as a Finishing Technique

Painting is used when solid or semi-solid colors are to be achieved. The grain is slighty backfilled giving the wood a smoother look with higher consistency. The wood is finished to a slightly smoother texture, resulting in higher gloss with color.

Paint Types

Paint is divided into three main types: Oil Based, Latex Based, and Acrylic Based.

Oil Based paint is very hard but will fade in color intensity over time. It's the preffered paint for Door Frames, Cabinetry, Drawers, and any other item which takes a regular beating.

Latex Based paint is not very hard, but retains color intensity much better over a much longer period of time. It's the preffered paint for Walls, Ceilings, and anything else that doesn't get touched very often.

Acrylic Based paint is medium hardness, and boasts the highest color intensity retention, but is easily scuffed and gouged and tends to flake. Acrylic paint must always be used with a clear coat, to prevent removal. It's the preffered paint for accenting furniture, applying murals, and anything else that just needs to look good but doesn't take alot of abuse.

Paint Sheens

Paint is available in four primary sheens: Flat (or Matte), Eggshell (or Satin), Semi-Gloss, and Gloss.

Flat paint is almost chalky in appearance, and has a low light reflection value. It's best used on ceilings, or any item you want shiny at all. It's not cleanable, and is removed from objects easily.

Eggshell paint is slightly smoother in texture than flat, but has a very low gloss. It's cleanable, and provides a dull shine.

Semi Gloss and Gloss paint are very shiny, with Gloss being practically wet. Used to accent and protect vibrant surfaces, it has the highest cleanability and durability of all the sheens.

Design Process

The Design Process

Our Design Process starts with you- what could be more important than getting exactly what you want?

Texturing Techniques for Finishing

Our Texture Techniques

What better way to customize wood than to give it a texture you call your own? Our many texture options will create a finished product just the feeling!

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