Bar Top Finish

Protecting Wood like Extra Shiny Armor

Liquid Bar Top Finish Type for Wood

Bar Top Acrylic as a Finishing Technique

When you have a high traffic surface, or when it simply, absolutely, MUST look perfect for all eternity, you can rely on liquid bar top. Made from acrylic resin, and finishing at a minimum depth of 1/8th inch, liquid bar top is the thickest possible finish you can apply to wood. It can be applied up to 1/4 of an inch, which will repel 100% of water, wine, milk, clothing dye, etc.

Liquid Bar top gets it's name from it's primary usage: preserving and protecting countertops in bars. In the past this process was painstakingly time consuming, requiring upwards of 25 coats of urethane or shellac to build a surface that wouldn't be damaged by drinks, mugs, plates, etc. The downside is the ambering: that many coats of any type of clear would result in a deep yellow tint added to the wood, which is mostly undesirable.

BOSSWoodworks reserves liquid bar top for the heavy duty occasions. Wooden table tops, wooden counters, and other heavy usage items deserve the protection this finish offers. It also provides a wet look, which is extremely glossy, and may not be suitable for all pieces.

Design Process

The Design Process

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Colorant Techniques for Finishing

Our Color Techniques

What better way to customize wood than to make your own color? Our many color options will create a finished product just the right tone!

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